Japanese Fans Open Vote For Favorite HYDE Style

Fans to choose their favorite image of HYDE for "HYDE48" mock election

One of the most beautiful men over 40 in Japan, HYDE, the lead singer of L'Arc〜en〜Ciel (of "Day Break's Bell" / Gundam OO Ending Theme) and VAMPS, is known to change his style drastically in his music videos and in events. His style varies from a traditional bishie rocker to cyberpunk to a better-than-female cosplay of Suigintou from Rosen Maiden. Although he looks amazing in pretty much everything he does, what are the fans' favorites? There is an unofficial fansite collecting votes to choose "HYDE48" images.


The third annual "HYDE48" election is obviously a parody of infamous "AKB48" election, where fans can vote for their favorite style HYDE has graced our eyes with until now. The election has already collected 7316 votes and is still open for voting untill 22:59 of June 9th, Japan standard tme. Multiple votes are accepted, but you can only vote once at a time and need to wait for 5 minutes before casting another vote.


A screenshot from the voting site above. The images are listed with the date and the unofficial style name. For example the image at the top was done by HYDE in 2009 as VAMPS and fans call it "Toy poodle style". Anyone can add an entry if there is anything missing with an image, date and the style name.


Last year's election collected total of 19945 votes and here are Top 15.



VAMPS always comes up with interesting costumes at their Halloween events and they are also available in the poll.

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