Lolita Model Bungee Jumps Into "Attack On Titan" Cosplay

Extreme cosplay by an unexpected person

Midori Fukasawa usually models for Lolita fashion brands(as you may have seen in a previous article) and jumping off a bridge is not something that you expect to see Lolita models do very often, but she did it in Mikasa Ackerman cosplay from Attack On Titan, turning up the awesomeness gauge up by a notch or two.


This is how we are used to seeing her as a model. Very cute.


Look at her now.





Photos are from her blog. Mikasa's scarf and the blades were removed before the jump as a safety precaution, but the blades were shopped in later for the effect. She also posted photos of her in "training" as you see below.



Judging from her profile photo on her Twitter account(which was the header photo for this article), it's safe to say Midori might be enjoying Attack On Titan a lot.

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