VIDEO: Cartoony Shooter "Mamorukun Curse!" Heads to North America

G.rev's bullet hell game comes to PlayStation Network on July 16

G.rev—the developer behind shoot 'em ups like Border Down, Senko no Ronde, and the more recently localized Under Defeat, among others—has another bullet hell game making its way to North America. The cartoony Mamorukun Curse! is gunning for PlayStation Network, with launch set for July 16 priced at $19.99.



Mamorukun Curse! originally hit Japanese arcades in 2008 as Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta!, and was ported to Xbox 360 there in 2009. The enhanced PlayStation 3 port arrived in 2011, and we'll finally be able to try it out next month. 


Via Joystiq



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