VIDEO: "Dragon's Crown" Shares English Trailers for Amazon and Wizard

Beat 'em up hits PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on August 6

Atlus is back to share English clips of two of Dragon's Crown's brawlin' powerhouses, the Amazon and the Wizard. Watch as they pummel enemies in developer Vanillaware's upcoming beat 'em up below. 



The Amazon is all about strength and speed. She uses her powerful double-handed axe to cleave through enemies. When unarmed, the Amazon's lack of heavy chain mail makes her a fleet-footed combatant, who can vault around the battlefield to unleash devastating flurries of kicks. 



The Wizard is a master of the elements, using deadly magic attacks similar to the sorceress. The Wizard uses many direct damage and area of effect spells to obliterate enemies on the battlefield, and possesses the unique ability to imbue life into wooden boxes and treasure chests - turning them into loyal golems who fight until reduced to splinters. 


Dragon's Crown makes its way to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in North America on August 6. Pre-orders and first-run copies will come packed with the 64-page full-color Dragon's Crown Artworks book.



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