VIDEO: "Wolfenstein: The New Order" E3 Trailer Showcases Gameplay

B.J. returns to kick some Nazi ass on consoles and PC later this year

It's 2013 and we're getting another Wolfenstein game. That's not really surprising, but it is kind of funny. The alternate history in which Nazis won the war is anything but, though, and it's up to our hero William "B.J." Blazkowicz to kick their asses all over again. The new E3 trailer sets up the story and shows a bit of the FPS action to come.



We'll get to square off with all those hulking Nazi mechs and robot dogs when Wolfenstein: The New Order lands on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC later this year. 



Joseph Luster is the Games and Web editor at Otaku USA Magazine. His blog can be found at subhumanzoids. Follow him on Twitter at @Moldilox.

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