"Nekomura" Earphone Jack Plug Born From An Idea On Twitter!

An idea tweeted turned into a cute cat product in a few months and now it's our Deal of the Day!

People tweet many different things freely everyday, without much thought beyond the moment, and that was exactly what a Japanese illustrator and Twitter user, Nekomura Otako was doing. Soon after he tweeted his Earphone Jack Plug idea, the tweet was retweeted more than 8000 times and earned more than 2000 favorites. Now the fleeting idea is a full-blown product! The product is called Nekomura Earphone Jack Plug for  smartphones and is now the Deal Of The Day on Crunchyroll!


This is the original idea that was tweeted in April of 2012, asking someone to please make this product with design illustrations by Nekomura himself. The following is a manga showing how the product deal went down by Nekomura.



Soon after, a Japanese developer, amazing, who Nekomura knew personally called him and raised his hand to turn his idea into a product.



9 days later, clay samples were already made. Nekomura's glasses flew on how quickly the samples were available.


Source: Gigazine


On May 24th, 2012, colored samples were delivered to Nekomura and the overwhelming cuteness turned him into a realistic cat. By the end of July, 2012, the product was already shipping in Japan. Here are some samples of the final products available in the Crunchyroll Store!



Nekomura Kitten Earphone Jack Plug (Mustache/Mimi)

Even the adorable paws are on the plug!




"I'm-Sorry-Sleep" position reference photo via Oblog


Nekomura Kitten Earphone Jack Plug (Buchi)

 Adorable all the way around including the behind.




For iPhone 5 users! Nekomura Kitten Earphone Jack Plug 3 (Mikeneko)

Can't decide which cat to take home? Just get the bundle for $29.99 with free shipping!

With a 28% discount on the original cost of $41.94, this is the best deal.

For the entire list of Nekomura products in the Crunchyroll Store, click here.


Still not convinced even after all that cuteness? Then win a lucky pack of Nekomura charms by entering the cat-themed photo contest!





Take a picture of your cat, your mom's cat, a neighbor's cat, or a street cat, a cat in petco -- A CAT, that looks like or mimics a scene in anime.




Make sure a piece of paper with your CR username is in the photo. That way, we know this is YOUR PHOTO. 


Place a screenshot taken of an anime you watched ON CRUNCHYROLL. Not from the internet, not from another site -- and place it side by side or underneath your cat photo. 


We will have 3 winners will receiving each a lucky pack of cute Nekomura charms! All entries must be submitted in the contest thread in two weeks, Friday, June 21, at 11:59:00pm PDT.

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