VIDEO: Impregnation RPG "Conception II" Trailer

Demo launches June 11 ahead of August release

In last spring's PSP RPG Conception: Please Deliver My Child, you have to save an alternate universe from impurity by mating with 12 Maidens of the Zodiac, voiced by popular actresses like Eri Kitamura, Kana Asumi, and Yuriko Yamaguchi and bonding with the offspring. Now, Conception II: The Seven Stars’ Guidance and the Blundering Nightmare's demo hits on June 11 ahead of an August 22 Vita/3DS release.




Gameplay for the original Spike game involved using dating sim action to bond with the Maidens, using magic to reproduce, then organizing your Star Children into three teams for dungeon hacking action.



In this game's extended story, you're a disciple who must mate with seven female disciples called “Nemesis Eaters.” Besides the longer story and lower number of girls, in this one, the parents will actually join their offspring in the monster battling.



Prospective mothers include:


Ellie - Mariya Ise (Panty and Stocking's Stocking) - cheerful younger student who is confident in her abilities

Narika - Saori Gotou - (Steins;Gate's Moeka Kiryū) shy assistant class representative who sits next to the player protagonist


Feene - Chihiro Ishiguro - cold, powerful older student

Chloe - Satomi Satou younger sister/head of the class/idol


Tohri - Mai Kadowaki (Fate/zero's Illyasviel von Einzbern) raised in a laboratory, has difficulty dealing with social situations

Serina - Kaori Mizuhashi (Hidamari Sketch's Miyako) - senior student with a childlike appearance, tsundere



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