New Racing Miku Art Gets Racy

Design unveiled for Sepang race in Malaysia

Ready for a new Racing Miku design? From the artist behind the official design, saitom, comes a new outfit that mostly consists of a bikini and a tan.


Racing Miku

She was unveiled for the Sepang race, and has been turning heads - mostly because this is the skimpiest outfit we’ve seen her in so far. You can see “Good Smile Racing” on her arm and “Super GT Sepang” on her leg, and while it’s not a new thing to put her hair up in buns it looks pretty playful.


Of course, we already have a 2013 Racing Miku design, and the new one, while a lot skimpier, does share some elements with the original. What’s missing in the skirt got relocated to the wings and the heels are the same. 


racing miku 2013


So what do you think of the new design? Do you hope this turns up as a figure or statue?


Via Japan Otaku Channel  



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