Funny Japanese Twitter Reactions to Forthcoming Mac Pro

The sleek design of the new Mac Pro ignited Japanese imaginations

As soon as the appearance of Mac Pro was announced at WWDC 2013, a flood of images of the new Apple product housing many things inside the black cylinder appeared on Twitter. Check out the hilarious gallery below.



What is technology without hot coals inside? Source



Just add meat. Source



Nothing is complete without rice. Source



Always keep things hot. Source



Source says possibilities are endless.



Source called this Mac n' Cheese.



Never forget dessert. Source



Mac Pro in summary. Source




Now with more power, too. Source



Mac Pro x Sea Lion Source



The last scene where Steve Jobs slowly decending down into Mac Pro with his thumb up was a pure tear-jerker, the creator of this image says.




The Japanese Amazon Twitter account had to alert people the product that has been retweeted a lot since the announcement is not Mac Pro, in fact, it is a plastic garbage can for the kitchen.




Great original design keeps inspiring people. Great job, Apple.


Source: Togetter

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