Nintendo Almost Revealed Wii U "Legend of Zelda" at E3

Shigeru Miyamoto wants to wait on revealing Link's next console adventure

Nintendo had a hell of a lot of great E3 announcements on Tuesday--from new faces in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. to more Bayonetta 2 footage to the unveiling of Super Mario 3D World, fans of the Big N couldn't be happier. Unless, of course, you were hoping for word on a new Legend of Zelda title (other than the 3DS Link to the Past or the Wind Waker HD remake, of course).


In an interview with Game Informer, Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that Nintendo was originally planning to reveal a brand-new Zelda title for the Wii U, but they're holding off on it for the time being. Miyamoto's quote:


"We're also working on a new Wii U Zelda game. Work on that is progressing fairly concretely. In fact, we were thinking about showing it here at E3, but decided to wait just a little bit longer before sharing it with everyone."


So maybe at this year's Tokyo Game Show, then? What would you like to see in a future Zelda title? Personally, I'd like to see them break away from the Ocarina of Time mold and go for something new, but still as timeless and smartly-designed as Ocarina was the first time around. That's kind of a tall order, but what do you think The Legend of Zelda can pull off on the Wii U? When do you think we'll first hear word about this new title?

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