"Hyouka" Anime Characters Help Crime Prevention Campaign

The first anime tie-up promotional goods in the region

Takayama-city in Gifu Prefecture is the hometown of Honobu Yonezawa, the author of the popular Japanese mystery novel series "Koten-bu/Classic Literature Club." The city is considered as the model for Kamiyama-city, a fictional city in the novel, and has been visited by the passionate fans as "Seichi Junrei/Holy Land Pilgrimage" especially after the broadcasting of the TV anime adaptation of the series titled Hyouka. The estimated number of the visitors for the locations of the anime in 2012 was 150,000.


To promote the crime prevention campaign for young people, Takayama Police Station produced wet tissues and clear files featuring the Hyouka anime characters. The characters say, "Never try to shoplift!", "Filtering for your smartphone", and "Double lock to prevent bicycle theft". The police has prepared 5,000 units for each items and will distribute them mainly at local elementary and junior high school in the region.


photos © Hida Keizai Shimbun

Source: Hida Keizai Shimbun


Hyouka image © Honobu Yonezawa/Kadokawa Shoten//Kamiyama Koko Kotenbu OB-Kai

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