"Tokyo Tribes" Author's Rap Video Addresses His "Enormous Size"

Japanese Rap legend Scha Dara Parr supervised the video

Another Japanese mangaka is showing off their non-manga skills! Inoue Santa, the author of Tokyo Tribes released a music video of his first attempt to rap as G-Pen a.k.a. Sanchama in "ONIDEKA SIZE" that directly talks about his "enormous size". During the making of this song, Inoue received instructions from Japanese rap legend Scha Dara Parr ("Konya Wa Boogie-Back" and "Game Boys") as well as chorus work on the track.



"ONIDEKA" in Japanese means enormous and yes, he is talking about his male organ. It's rare in Japanese culture to see a direct approach in terms of sexuality like this, but he succeeded in making many humorous references to make it light and enjoyable, if not downright hilarious.



Tokyo Tribes 2 was made into TV series in 2006 and into a Live-Action movie by Sono Shion, director of Suicide Club.

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