Disney World Rumored to Build "Star Wars" Theme Park

"Star Wars Land" reportedly in the planning phase

Rumor has it the mouse is about to re-decorate his house - Florida’s Disney World is getting a galactic-sized face lift by way of a Star Wars theme park. Reports are coming in from multiple places that the day we’ve all longed for since Disney bought out Lucas’s mega franchise last year is here.


star wars disney


According to TheForce.Net, the speculated plans include a Mos Eisley Cantina restaurant (which will also appear in Paris), an updated Star Tours and a whole lot of environments/character meet-and-greets. 

star wars disney

Of course, nothing is confirmed and a lot of this information comes via anonymous sources, so this could fall through. In the meantime, let’s dream big. Bombing the Death Star roller coaster, anyone? A gift shop named Tashi Station where you can buy power converters?


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