Yotsuba&!'s "Pants Man" Mask for Father's Day Gift

And a commemorative photograph with Kigurumi Danbo

This year's Father's Day is June 16th. To celebrate the day, Kotobukiya's Akihabara store will hold a special event titled "Father's Day Memorial! Special Pants Man Mask Craft Present" on this Saturday and Sunday. If you have read Kiyohiko Azuma's Yotsuba&! manga, you know Mr. Koiwai (Tou-chan), the father of the 5-year-old protagonist Yotsuba, puts the underwear on his head and calls himself "Pants Man" in some episodes.


Kotobukiya has released many Yotsuba&!-related items including apparel, figures, and plastic model kits of Danbo. The customers who purchase over 1,500 yen worth of Yotsuba&! goods at the Akihabara store on June 15th and 16th will receive a Pants Man craft kit. So you or your father can be Pants Man, too. The purchasers also can take a commemorative photograph with Kigurumi Danbo on the two days. This must the best Father's day gift?!



Kigurumi Danbo in the event in last November. Check more photos here.


Source: International Business Times


© Kiyohiko Azuma/Yotsuba Sutazio

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