VIDEO: Voice Actress Suzuko Mimori's 2nd Single "Yakusoku Shiteyo? Issho dayo!" PV

The limited edition comes with a DVD, a full-color booklet, and a light novel

Japanese record company Pony Canyon has posted a short version promotional video for popular voice actress Suzuko Mimori's second single "Yakusoku Shiteyo? Issho dayo!" (Promise me? We will be together!) on its official YouTube channel. The 26-year-old voice actress released her first solo single "Aitaiyo... Aitaiyo!" on April 3rd this year and it took a very successful 10th place in the Oricon weekly single chart in the first week. Mimori is best known for her role as Sherlock "Sheryl" Shellingford in the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes series.


Her second single "Yakusoku Shiteyo? Issho dayo!" is scheduled to be released in Japan on July 3rd. Just like the first single, the 1800-yen limited edition version of the single will include a DVD of the music video, a full-color booklet, and the second chapter of light novel "Jingle Love Story" written by Masaki Hiramatsu (The Garden of Sinners anime film).


2nd single "Yakusoku Shiteyo? Issho dayo!" short PV



1st single "Aitaiyo... Aitaiyo!" short PV


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