"Evangelion" Trading Cards Based on Comic Covers Out Now

Features artwork by manga creator Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Bandai Candy Toy has released a new set of Evangelion trading cards, titled “Neon Genesis Evangelion Wafers Comic Special”.


The cards include artwork based on the Evangelion comic that was serialized in monthly manga periodical “Young Ace”. The comic has proven to be so popular that the most recent July issue of “Young Ace” featuring the final chapter of the Evangelion comic sold out quickly enough to warrant reprinting it in the upcoming August issue.


Neon Genesis Evangelion Wafers Comic Special ,新世紀エヴァンゲリオンウエハース コミックSpecial


The plastic cards are packaged with chocolate wafer snacks, and feature high-quality artwork by manga artist Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and foil embossing. The series contains a total of 41 cards, including 13 “Comic Cards” depicting the covers of all 13 volumes of the manga, 8 “Character Cards” with artwork of Evangelion characters, 11 “Visual Cards” that reprint the inner covers of the first 11 manga volumes, 8 “Special Cards” featuring Evangelion posters from past issues of “Young Ace”, and 1 “Young Ace Collaboration Card” with special artwork of Asuka in a school uniform.


Each package, containing one card and one chocolate wafer, retails for 105 yen.


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“Neon Genesis Evangelion Wafers Comic Special” 「新世紀エヴァンゲリオンウエハース コミックSpecial」

The cards feature artwork by manga creator Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.


Bandai Candy Toy
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