Eat Like the Science Patrol with “Ultraman” Curry

Packaged with a replica “Beta Capsule” for 6,300 yen

Bandai’s official online store, Premium Bandai, is currently accepting preorders for curry based on the live-action tokusatsu series “Ultraman”. The curry is part of Bandai’s brand of character-themed food products, and the second release in the “Ultra Diner” series.
“Ultraman” Curry 科特隊カレー


The curry, titled “SSSP’s Curry”, is based on a similar food seen in the original 1966-1967 “Ultraman” TV series; specifically, curry and rice eaten by the Science Patrol in episode 34, “A Gift from the Sky”. The product is packaged in a plastic pouch similar to that in the TV series. The curry itself is based on a recipe created by actor Susumu Kurobe, known for playing the role of Science Patrol member Shin Hayata. The set of 4 200-gram curry pouches is accompanied by a full-sized diecast replica of the series’ “Beta Capsule”.


The curry retails for 6,300 yen. Supplies are limited, and preorders will end when supplies are exhausted. The curry is scheduled to ship in September.


“Ultraman” Curry 科特隊カレー

The curry is packaged with a replica “Beta Capsule”.


“Ultraman” Curry 科特隊カレー

Product packaging


Premium Bandai
Tsuburaya Station: Ultraman / Tsuburaya Productions Official Site

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