VIDEO: Square Enix Promotes "Final Fantasy" Concert Blu-ray with a Bunch of Samples

25th anniversary 'The Celebration' concert hits home video on June 26

Distant worlds: Music from Final Fantasy: The Celebration is about to hit Blu-ray in Japan, and Square Enix has plenty of samples to share with fans of the classic soundtracks. The concert the footage is from took place in Tokyo on December 31, 2012, and you'll find plenty of familiar tunes to soak in, including Final Fantasy IV's "Theme of Love, " Final Fantasy X's "To Zanarkand," the main theme from Final Fantasy V, and more. 


The Blu-ray arrives on June 26 for ¥6,500, and you can hear more samples on the official website and Square Enix's YouTube channel







Here's the full tracklist:


1. Prelude

2. Final Fantasy I-III Melody

3. Battle with the Four Fiends (FFIV)

4. Final Fantasy V Main Theme

5. Phantom Forest (FFVI)

6. One Winged Angel (FFVII)

7. Don’t be Afraid (FFVIII)

8. Not Alone (FFIX)

9. To Zanarkand (FFX)

10. Chocobo Melody 2012

11. Procession of HeroesVana’diel March Medley (FFXI)

12. The Dalmasca Eastersand (FFXII)

13. Blinded by Light (FFXIII)

14. Answers (FFXIV)

15. Theme of Love (FFIV)

16. Eyes on Me (FFVIII)

17. Opera (FFVI)

18. Battle & Victory Theme Melody

19. Final Fantasy (series medley)



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