Happy Birthday, Kise Ryota of Kuroko's Basketball!

Fans of popular model in Kuroko's Basketball celebrate their idol's birthday

The yellow one of the Kiseki Seven, a.k.a. Generation of Miracles, Kise Ryota from Kuroko's Basketball celebrates his birthday today. Celebration posts flooded Japanese Twitter yesterday in anticipation of the second season set to start in October.






The Kuroko's Basketball anime official Twitter account posted a comment at midnight of June 18th to celebrate Kise's birthday (Time stamp on the image is Pacific Standard Time).

Translation: "Today, June 18th is the birthday of the ace player at Kaijo, Kise Ryota. Happy birthday! Let me take advantage of the occasion and use a line from the song that makes everybody happy. K I S E Shala☆Lalai!"



The voice of Kise, Kimura Ryohei also commented on the celebration.

Translation: "I guess today is Kise Ryota's birthday. I haven't commented on my character's birthdays recently, but I was touched by the number of messages that he received. He is a lucky guy. Thank you everybody! Please keep supporting the manga, the upcoming event and the anime second season!"



Ono Yuuki, the voice of Kagami Taiga, wished him a happy birthday on his Twitter.

Translation: "It's Kise birthday! Happy birthday! I-wa-uze--↑"

(Refering to the memorable melody of Kise's character song, Perfect Copy?)


Meanwhile, at Ikebukuro Animate collected a wall full of birthday wishes as a twitter user photographed.

Birthday illustrations from his talented fans.

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Some Kise fans really know his positioning in the series.

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This Kise fan wanted to decorate Kise's character sheets with flowers as in the image, but her family member stopped her for a very obvious reason.




This Twitter user noticed the difference in how Kise fans and Akashi fans celebrated their idol's birthday as you see below. Kise fan at the top and Akashi fan at the bottom.


Happy birthday to Kise Ryota!


Source: NAVAR  Jin

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