“Kamogawa Energy” Drink from “Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne” Sold Out in 10 Days

New successful collaboration product with a TV anime

“Kamogawa Energy” is a fictional energy drink which was appeared in the 2012 TV anime Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne. The main story of the anime was taken place in Kamogawa-city, Chiba Prefecture. The commercial industrial association of the Kamogawa city has collaborated with the anime and has held several promotional events.


As one of the promotions, the real "Kamogawa Energy" drink was started selling through the internet and at 20 shops in the city in late May. About 4,500 bottles were produced and have been selling extremely well. The online pre-orders for a box of 24 bottles (only 50 available) were sold out in only four days. The drink was also almost sold out at the 20 shops in 10 days. By popular demand, the committee for the promotion has decided to produce 12,000 more bottles. Now they want to promote it as a new "Soul Drink" of the city.


The real "Kamogawa Energy" Drink

photo © MSN Sankei


photo © Yomiuri


"Kamogawa Energy" in the anime


© Lagrange Project


Source: MSN Sankei


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