Free Japanese Anime Channel Planned for Nigeria

24 hour network to launch in October

 Taiyo Industry Africa Inc. has announced an exclusive deal with leading prviate broadcasts Channels Inc., to start a 24-hour free animation channel in Nigeria. The network, launching October 1 will also offer live action cotent and educational programming.


Other element of the business plan include plans to sell related products and create original anime works in Nigeria with Japanese staff members.



As  Taiyo Industry Africa introduces itself

 Under the style of our exclusive 24 hours free of charge animation new channel contract with the leading of private TV station of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Channels TV

Business concept: "Saving the future of children in Africa”. Aim to broadcast the Japanese animation and Japanese culture. Support child education in Africa, enrichment program channel.

The opening of the channel is scheduled for this coming autumn.

In the present century, the world is now regarded Africa as the last huge economic market rather than providing aid.

The less information for Africa made Japan tempting to think of Africa as one country. Africa is a huge continent, huge as the distance of (Japan Sendai to Sydney from the north to the south), 54 countries, multi-racial, multi-religious, difference between the rich and the poor and cannot be lump together. That is why our company paid attention to export to the most economic growth; the most populate African country, "Federal Republic of Nigeria" the Japanese world-class animation.

Our company enters into an exclusive 24 hours free of charge TV channel contract with a Nigerian local TV station to broadcast the Japanese “deep, easy to emphasize and unwearied” animation.


via Asahi Shimbun



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