VIDEO: "Komekami! Moe Rice" PV Features 7 Sister Goddesses

"Moe" has been a great help to Japan's agriculture

"Komekami! Moe Rice" is a project by manga artists, illustrators, writers, and advertising companies in Fukuoka Prefecture to promote a local rice using seven bishoujo characters who are the rice sister goddesses. The setting is based on an old Japanese legend that seven gods reside in a rice. Fukuoka native manga artist Takahiro Seguchi (Oretama, Re:Marina) designed the characters. The group has offered rice bags and many goods featuring the cute illustrations of the seven sisters since 2010.


On June 13th, they posted a 2 minutes 9 seconds anime promotional video on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga. The anime was produced with the support by the students at Tokyo Communication Arts College and the theme song was sung by Namiyu Sakura, probably a local moe-voice singer. Do you wanna try the moe rice?


Rice bags featuring the seven sisters


via Slashdot Japan


Image © Komekami! Production Committee

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