VIDEO: Live Action "The Tiger Mask" Film Teaser Trailer

Based on Ikki Kajiwara's retro manga from 1960s

The official YouTube channel for The Tiger Mask, the upcoming live action film version of Ikki Kajiwara's Tiger Mask manga from 1960s, has posted a 27 seconds-long teaser trailer. And the official site of the film revealed the poster visual today.  


170cm-tall actor Eiji Wentz plays the title role Tiger Mask/Naoto Date. An orphan named Naoto Date was trained to be a heel pro-wrestler by Mister X (played by Sho Aikawa) for his mysterious organization Tiger's Cave. But Date betrays the organization in order to help other orphans and becomes a babyface in the ring. Mr. X starts sending numerous assassin wrestlers to punish him.


The Tiger Mask is directed by a LA-based Japanese director Ken Ochiai and is scheduled to be released in Japan in this November.


Teaser trailer

The poster





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