Crunchyroll Now Available on Apple TV!

Sign up right from Apple TV or access your existing account

Hark! Crunchyroll has added a new device to its growing arsenal of platforms as the streaming anime and drama service you have come to love is now available directly on Apple TV. As the official annoucement at puts it...


The best in Japanese anime and drama.

Indulge your love for anime with Crunchyroll on Apple TV. Subscribers can watch the latest HD shows an hour after they air in Japan, as well as view more than 600 shows with professional subtitles.10 You can sign up right from Apple TV or access your existing account. Not a subscriber yet? You can watch a limited selection of free anime to get you going.


If you aren't already furiously trying out the app, keep your eyes peeled to Crunchyroll's front page and official facebook for some fun promotion to get you all revved up for this spiffy product roll out.


Crunchyroll on Apple TV

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