Japanese "Tiger & Bunny" Fans May Have Helped Raise Softbank Stock Price

Wild Tiger's sponsor, Softbank announces a collaboration leading to an unexpected reaction

Ever since the anime started, Wild Tiger fans were anticipating this day to come. The veteran hero's corporate sponsor, Softbank, a Japanese telecommunication and internet company finally posted a teaser site hinting at a collaboration with the popular anime, Tiger & Bunny.



Because of the amount of information available on the site, practically nothing other than the above image, much speculation is being discussed among fans. From special collaboration cellphones branded with Wild Tiger's brand to simple smartphone cases with Wild Tiger designs to a Wild Tiger voiced app of some sort, but one thing everyone who has been in the front line of Tiger & Bunny goods purchasing operations knows is that it will be war. Again.



That's when things got interesting. It's not suprising for the fans to think about ditching their current cellphone carrier to switch to Softbank for a Wild Tiger branded cellphone, but according to the summary of this twitter user, the question that came up next from the fans was "How much is Softbank stock?" because becoming stockholders of the sponsor company may give them advantage when it comes to securing the merchandise.


Apparently, the change of direction of the conversation within Wild Tiger fans happened fairly quickly. This fan left the timeline filled with  carrier switching posts for lunch and when she returned after 45 minutes, the conversation was all about buying stock.


Then this twitter user noticed the stock price of Softbank went up at noon. The reliability of this post is up for debate, but it was enough to push the topic forward at the time.


Translation of the post: The scariest thing is that I heard people say, "What? I can be a stock holder of Wild Tiger for just about USD$5000?"


Translation of the post: I get it. This development of the economic effect caused by "Softbank X Tiger & Bunny" is called "Ojinomics"....Tiger & Bunny fans are clever. (in a nod to "Abenomics", the recent Japanese econmic plan of action named after the Prime Minister Abe, since Kotetsu's nickname is "Ojisan")


Translation of this post: It would help Tiger & Bunny more if you buy Bandai Namco stock instead of Softbank, if you are going to buy stock. Bandai Namco should seriously notice the hidden potential of customers that are Tiger & Bunny fans and start providing "exclusive T&B Quo cards" or something in a stockholder package. I bet people will invest in it.


Translation of this troll post:

"I started playing guitar after watching K-ON!"

"I started playing tennis after watching Prince of Tennis."

"I started playing basketball after watching Kuroko's Basketball."

"I became an idol after watching Uta Pri."

"I quit being human after watching Jojo."

"I started trading after watching Tiger & Bunny." <- new



Translation of this observation of the development: The fact the fans started trading instead of playing heroes after watching the series makes me realize the matuarity of the fan base. Could this phenomenon be the victory of accurate marketing towards a certain audience? Nonetheless, there are tons of suprises to keep interest going for the fans until the premiere of the second movie next year.


Source: NAVAR

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