VIDEO: Live Action "Gatchaman" Film Full Trailer Shows Hyper Battles & Mech Action

The anime company Tatsunoko Production's 50th anniversary film

Following the 30 seconds teaser in April, the official website for the up-coming live action Gatchaman film finally posted a one minute 33 seconds full trailer on June 21. The live action adaptation film of Tatsunoko Production's classic action anime Science Ninja Team Gatchaman from 1970s (known as Battle of the Planets in the west) is directed by 54-year-old Japanese TV/film director Yoya Sato. He has experience in directing several live action films/TV specials based on popular anime/manga titles such as Grave of the Fireflies (2005), Gokusen (2009), and Kaiji 1&2 (2009 & 2011).


The main cast for the five Gatchaman members are: Tori Matsuzaka (Ken Washio), Gou Ayano (George Asakura), Ayame Gouriki (Jun Ohtsuki), Tatsuomi Hamada (Jinpei Ohtsuki), and Ryohei Suzuki (Ryu Nakanishi). The film will open in Japanese theaters on August 24.  


Full trailer



Short trailer



Teaser trailer


Key visual



Source: "Gatchaman" movie official site


© Tastunoko Production/2013 Movie "Gatchaman" Production Committee

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