Gainax Ends Tribute Art Series With Mecha Designer's Look Inside "Gurren Lagann"

Plus a look back at the while series of tributes

With next week's Blu-ray set release of Gurren Lagann, Gainax has brought back mechanical designer/animator animator Yoh Yoshinari to end their fifth anniversary tribute art series. The end is a more than a bit bittersweet as any of the series veterans have left for Trigger, with further connection to studio and material left very much in doubt.


So, check out the last hurrah!



For a bit more of a sense of what


The whole series of tributes has included...



animator Akira Amemiya. 



Mecha designer Kanetake Ebikawa


Kotarou Mori, author of Stray Little  Devil (released in North America by DrMaster)


Mamoru Yokata, the illustrator for Rune Soldier Louie as well as hentai doujinshi and games


Mari Shimazaki, best known as the character designer of Bayonetta


sakuga-fan favorite Sushio


Rui Araizumi, artist on the Slayers light novels and manga


ero artist Kohaku Sumeragi


Star Driver designer Shigeto Koyama


Animator/character designer Atsushi Nishigori


Naochika Morishita, an illustrator on ancillary Gundam material such as cards and packaging for games and model kits


kit packing illustrator funbolt


director Hiroyuki Imaishi (also Dead Leaves and Panty and Stocking)



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