Nearly Five Foot Tall Menma Statue Previewed For "Anohana Natsu Matsuri" Event

Statue of heroine to appear at Anohana summer event in Japan

Menma is back! As a statue, that is. The Anohana Project official Twitter account posted progress photos of the close to life-sized Honma "Menma" Meiko statue supervised by the character designer, Tanaka Masayoshi.



Pre-colored Memna statue with Tanaka-san. Menma is 147cm or 4 feet 8 inches in height.



Glue is applied before adding more material to Memna's upper arm, on direction of Tanaka-san.



According to the main modeler for the Menma statue, that part that consumed most time were the frills of her dress.


The nearly life-size Menma statue will appear at the Anohana Natsu Matsuri 2013 event in Odaiba Aqua City. I'm already tearing up seeing a smiling Jintan in a T shirt that says "Freedom".


Besides the Menma statue, the event will feature the return of the completed version of the Super Peace Busters secret base, key art display of the new opening theme from the TV re-broadcast, special in-venue announcement by Menma and tons of limited items only available at the event.


The Noitamina Cafe in Aqua City Odaiba will also bring back the previous Anohana special menu for the event. From left, "Menma's Steamed Bread", "Shio (salt) ramen with scrambled egg", "Shio (salt) ramen with poached egg" and "Poppo's coffee". The cafe will announce the special new menu for the event shortly.


The Anohana shop in the venue has many Anohana goods for purchase as well and can be seen below.


Anohana Shop Exclusive Tapestry 4,200 yen



Jintan T-shirts  4,200 yen each

The designs in the above image are a revival from the last event. New designs "無用心、火山、7 1/2、一寸一斗、サバイバル、笹団子、凹凸、匠の" will be available at the end of July.



Available for pre-order:


Anohana Movie Full-graphic T shirt 6,300 yen



Menma Sports Towel 2,625 yen


Anohana Movie Messenger Bag 4.410 yen


Anohana Movie Picture Plate  1,050 yen


Anohana Movie strap  840 yen each



Anohana Movie Limited Tsumamare Key chain Set  2,520 yen

Menma from 5 years ago is only available with this set purchase.


Wait, there is more!

The Anohana Movie cast will join Japanese Pro Baseball team Seibu Lions on Aug. 18th for "Super Peace Lions Day". The voice of Menna (Kayano Ai), Anaru (Tomatsu Haruka) and Tsuruko (Hayami Saori) will be at the event to throw  the first pitch of the game, make ground announcements and particiate in other activities.


Kayano Ai, the voice of Menma


Tomatsu Haruka, the voice of Anaru, Anjo Naruko


Hayami Saori, the voice of Tsuruko, Tsurumi Chiriko


500 Limited ground level seat tickets with an exclusive Super Peace Lions Day towel are on sale right now.



The Anohana Movie is set to premiere in theaters in Japan on August 31st.

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