VIDEO: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Reveals New Song, Dances with Giant Frogs in New Commerical

"Noriko to Norio" to be featured on Kyary's new LP

Harajuku kawaii icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is back in the spotlight with a new commercial campaign for Japanese cell phone giant au featuring an amphibious critter and her new song "Noriko to Norio".


Two things make this spot special: the participation of Japanese super celebrity Ayame Goriki as the host of the music show that Kyary appears on in the spot, and…DAT FROG.



Kyary’s four legged friend is “Nori Kaeru”, au’s new mascot whose name is a pun on the campaign’s slogan, “au ni norikaeru”, which translates as “Switch to au”. “Kaeru” also means “frog” in Japanese, so double the pun, double the hysterical ROTFL laughter, I guess…



The new song featured in the CM is called "Noriko to Norio" and will be featured (along with a whole bunch of songs which now double as commercial jingles) on Kyary’s 2nd LP due on June 27.


BONUS: au has also realeased a Making Of video for the "au ni norikaeru" commerical. Behold it below.



If all this (and a frog puppet) can't convince you to change your provider, nothing will!



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