Bishoujo Artist Shunya Yamashita Draws "Girls und Panzer"

Plus official hug pillow, swim suit figure and plenty of other goodies

 The sixth and final volume of Girls und Panzer arrived in Japan on DVD and Blu-ray June 21. As you might imagine, it was a nice week for GnP goodies, and perhaps chief among these was some great fan art by noted bishoujo illustrator Shunya Yamashita, whose work you might know from kotobukiya's redesigns of the women of Marvel, DC Comics and so on. 



has also been Twittering his model building




And speaking of models


Speaking of models, the August issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine, on sale June 25th is offering an exclusive swimsuit. The 20cm figure goes for 8,190 yen


Volks previously did a Akiyama swimsuit

Speaking of Akiyama, a licensed hug pillow and phone card are coming from Surfer's Paradise this August



From the series' final volume


The complete set of Girls und Panzer cards that came with the Blu-rays



Meanwhile, Ōarai has been celebrating Saori Takebe's birthday



Finaly... June Bride GnP


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