Moe Electric Shaver Out Now

Meet the “Moe Package Shaver MOFR-V50”

Home electronics company Izumi Products is currently selling an electric shaver featuring Izumi Matsumoto, a moe character created for the company’s advertisements. Known as the “Moe Package Shaver MOFR-V50”, the limited edition electric shaver went on sale on June 1st.


Moe Electric Shaver 萌える電気シェーバー


Created to promote the company’s flagship VIDAN electric shaver series, 19-year-old Izumi Matsumoto was designed by illustrator Shikiuta, and is dressed in a costume resembling one of Izumi Products’ electric shavers.


The limited edition moe shaver utilizes a different color scheme and design from the company’s previous offerings, and features Izumi Matsumoto printed on both the shaver’s body and the accompanying microfiber bag.


The shaver is available exclusively at electronics stores in Akihabara, including Yodobashi Akiba, Don Quixote Akihabara, Edion Akiba, and Sofmap Akihabara. In addition, Yodobashi Akiba will be giving away Izumi Matsumoto business cards and leaflets at their event booth.


Izumi Matsumoto Profile Video:

Moe Electric Shaver 萌える電気シェーバー

The electric shaver features Izumi Matsumoto, a character created to advertise the company’s VIDAN product line.


Moe Electric Shaver 萌える電気シェーバー

The electric shaver comes with a drawstring bag printed with artwork of Izumi Matsumoto.


Moe Electric Shaver 萌える電気シェーバー

Izumi Matsumoto is 156 centimeters tall. She’s very good at taking things apart, but not so great at puttingthem back together.


Izumi Matsumoto Official Site
Izumi Matsumoto YouTube Channel
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