New Japanese Poll Reveals Why Guys Secretly Wish To Date Otaku Girls

225 Japanese men in their 20~30s answered relationship questions

We covered a poll result of why Japanese women date otaku men a while back, what about the other way around? A Japanese relationship portal for women called Otome Sugoren posted 9 reasons why men want to date women who are otaku. The survey originally took place in March.


9 Reasons Why Guys Secretly Wish To Date Otaku Girls At Least Once In Their Lives


Reason 1: "Because she must be devoted and faithful"




Reason 2: "It's cute to see how different she is when she is talking normally and having a conversation about otaku things"




Reason 3: "She must be able to pull me in to the whole new world"




Reason 4: "She must be not-experienced and easy to influence"




Reason 5: "She must be too busy with her hobby to bother me too much"




Reason 6: "She must understand my hobby, too"




Reason 7: "She must be submissive and I can easily lead her"




Reason 8: "It's really cool that she has something she is serious about"



Reason 9: "She will not cheat on me because her hobby is more important than anything"

Because she must be too busy pairing up you and your buddy like below:



With many overlapping reasons with the previous poll by women, the image of otaku in Japan must be devoted, non-experienced and submissive. What do you think?

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