"One Piece" Suit and Dress Figures Coming Soon

Two sets to be released in July and September

As part of the One Piece “Anniversary Year Project” that Bandai’s candy division is currently undertaking, a new figure set featuring One Piece characters dressed in formal wear will be released in September and October. Split into two parts (titled “Super One Piece Styling Suit & Dress Style 1” and “Super One Piece Styling Suit & Dress Style 2”), the set will make up the third and fourth releases in the Anniversary Year Project.
超ワンピーススタイリング SUIT&DRESS STYLE1
“Suit & Dress Style 1” includes One Piece characters Luffy, Sanji, Robin, and Franky, while “Suit & Dress Style 2” is comprised of Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper. Each figure retails for 609 yen.


In addition, a TV commercial will be produced to go with the first release in the Anniversary Year Project series, the upcoming “Super One Piece Styling Kimono Style” figure set. The commercial will be broadcast in early July to coincide with the set’s release.


超ワンピーススタイリング SUIT&DRESS STYLE 1

The first part of the set, “Super One Piece Styling Suit & Dress Style 1”, will be released in September.



9月発売の「超ワンピーススタイリング SUIT&DRESS STYLE 1」

超ワンピーススタイリング SUIT&DRESS STYLE 2

The second part of the set, “Super One Piece Styling Suit & Dress Style 2”, goes on sale in October.


超ワンピーススタイリング SUIT&DRESS STYLE 2


Anniversary Year Project” Product Page
One Piece Official Site (Toei Animation)



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