Poll Results: 9 Reasons Why Boyfriends Are Happy With Otaku Girlfriends

Are their expectations met? Testimonial survey results from happy boyfriends of otaku girls

Following up on the previous poll results, Otome Sugoren also had a survey with Japanese men who are in a current relastionship with otaku women and asked what makes them happy to date them. Do the results confirm their expectations before dating?


9 Reasons Why Boyfriends Are Happy With Otaku Girlfriends


Reason 1: "She accepts my hobby no matter how much of a maniac they are"

 "Yes, maniac!"


Reason 2: "A conversation with her is always interesting because she is knowlegable about certain subjects"



Reason 3: "She is easy to please because her favorite DVD always puts her in a good mood"

(Disclaimer: The DVD in the image is for reference only and is not guranteed to make everyone happy)



Reason 4: "You don't have to worry about guys in real life because she only likes guys behind the monitor"



Reason 5: "When we run out of places to go for a date, we can be happy just staying home playing videogames together"



Reason 6: "She helps me expand my horizons by showing me new shojo series, for example"



Reason 7: "We share favorite shows so we can save money and storage space at home"




Reason 8: "It's easy to tell what she is thinking becasue her expression is anime-like"



Reason 9: "We can enjoy cosplay together in privacy"



Aren't we glad that there is no reason like "She is submissive and lets me lead her"? All the powers to happy Otaku relationships that are working!

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