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VIDEO: "Tamayura - More Aggressive" 2nd Preview Posted

Featuring "Hajimari no Umi", third Tamayura OP song by Maaya Sakamoto

The official site for Tamayura ~ More Aggressive, the 2nd TV anime season of the Tamayura anime series produced by Hal Film Maker, has posted its 2nd preview on June 22. The new video introduces the OP song "Hajimari no Umi" by popular anime singer/voice actress Maaya Sakamoto. Sakamoto has sung "Yasashisa ni Tsutsumaretanara" (OP song for the 1st OVA Tamayura, also a cover song of Yumi Arai's hit song in 1970s), "Okaerinasai" (OP song for the 1st TV anime Tamayura: Hitotose). The 2nd TV series will start airing in Japan on July 3.    


2nd PV



1st PV



Source: Otasuke


© Junichi Sato, TYA/Tamayura Production Committee

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