Foot Tall "Evangelion" Mari and NEO EVA Kai Type-02 and "Berserk" Guts Figures Scheduled for 2014

Three of the expensive, but impressive Medicom Real Action Hero figures

Medicom Toy tends to put a bit of far horizon on their releases of the always high quality. always expensive, Real Action Hero figures. They've now scheduled Evangelion's Mari Makinami Illustrious for March 2014, with the 30cm figure going for 15,000yen.



NEO EVA Kai Type-02 Gamma is 40cm foot to shoulder, and goes for 22,000yen.

The initial production run has limited left arm gatling gun parts



Berserk Band of the Hawk Gutsis 30cm and will sell for 22,000yen in February.

The initial produciton run has a limited, bonus battle face


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