VIDEO: Live-Action "Attack On Titan" Opening Parody Video is Both Accurate and Funny

After this project, Kusarine Project says they can make any opening into Live-Action

Kusarine Project has been turning anime opening themes into live-action versions with masked performers in them since 2009 and there was no way they would have missed this song, Guren No Yumiya, the opening theme of Attack On Titan. The group's 14th live-action opening theme video was posted on NicoNico on June 18th and has already reached 423,920 views.



I personally think the best part is the making footage at the end because it reminds me of Eren when he was struggling with his 3DMG. They said that after making this video, they feel like they can make anything into a live-action parody.




The comparison video has also been created. You can see the accuracy of the reproducton and all the jokes the project throw in the video. For exapmple, there is a chorus part towards the end of the video that sounds like "Fundoshi da" in Japanese, which makes the reference to a traditional Japanese underwear "Fundoshi", thus all of the half naked people flying in the air when the chorus comes on. Also, did anyone notice the subtitle of their version of the video?


If you are interested in watching the group's other opening parodies, click here for their YouTube Channel.

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