New "Kuroko's Basketball" Special Edition Manga Vol. 23 Includes Drama CD

Vol. 23 of manga will be on sale August 2nd

Just when fans' craving is at the peak right before the anime's second season, the new manga volume of Kuroko's Basketball, vol. 23 will have a special edition with a new drama CD which will be on sale August 2nd. The last volume with a drama CD edition was volume 16. Amazon Japan opened pre-orders recently and the special drama CD edition is priced at 2,200 yen. The regular edition is still 420 yen. The cover image and the contents of the CD are yet to be released.


On other KuroBas news, some people noticed that Mitobe Senpai has his voice actor listed in Weekly Jump.

It's listed as Inoue Goh, who is also the voice of Tsuchida, a.k.a. Tsucchie, the only member of Seirin Basketball Club with a girlfriend. Inoue has been voicing Mitobe when there are *sigh* and other non-verbal voicing is needed in the first season, but it was never widely publicized. Does this mean Mitobe Senpai will finally speak in the second season? We will find out soon enough.


Another KuroBasu voice actor with double roles is Nojima Hirofumi, the voice of Izuki Shun and Tetsuya 2 gou.





Also, Taniyama Kishou, a voice actor and a singer as KISHOW of GRANRODEO, was oficially confirmed as the voice of Himuro Tatsuya, Kagami's childhood friend from Southern California, for the second season keeping the role from the video game.


June 22nd was the birthday of Kagami Taiga's voice actor, Ono Yuuki, who is also known as a huge fan of GRANRODEO, especially KISHOW. The official KuroBas radio show which is co-hosted by Yuuki and Ono Kensho, the voice of Kuroko, celebrated the birthday with a huge suprise for Yuuki by secretly inviting the band as the guest without letting Yuuki know.


In the radio show, Kensho suggested a game for Yuuki to play for his birthday gift which was a blind taste test of different meats. Yuuki was blindfolded and fed the meat, unfortunately he missed every single one of them, but upon taking the blind-fold off, he found out the one who was feeding the meat was KISHOW himself!



The anime's official twitter posted the photo of Yuuki after the brithday show. Happy birthday Ono Yuuki san! Let us hope he will not have a heart attack in the booth during second season recording with Kishou-san.


In the meantime, let us enjoy a selfie posted by Ono Kensho until October.


Source: Kuroko's Basketball Anime Official Siteota-suke

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