VIDEO: 2nd "Nintama Rantaro" Ninja Kids Comedy Film Trailer

Slated for a July 6 release in Japan

A full trailer for the second live action adaptation film of Soubee Amako's ninja gag manga, Nintama Rantaro: Natsu Yasumi Shukudai Daisakusen! no Dan was posted in the web. The first live action film Nintama Rantaro was directed by an internationally acclaimed director Takashi Miike (Full metal Yakuza, Dead or Alive, Yatterman) and released in July 2011. As a result of the success of the first film, the second film is set to release in this summer with the same leading actor Seishiro Kato as Rantaro Inadera.


Instead of Miike, a tokusatsu specialist Ryuta Tasaki works as the director for the sequel. Tasaki has worked on Toei's two TV tokusatsu series Super Sentai and Kamen Rider for years since the mid-1990s. His directorial debut was Choriki Sentai Ohranger in 1995-1996 and the most recent work is the on-going Kamen Rider TV series Kamen Rider Wizard. He also directed a non-Toei film Gamera the Brave for Kadokawa in 2006. Nintama Rantaro: Natsu Yasumi Shukudai Daisakusen! no Dan hits Japanese theaters on July 6.


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