UPDATE: "Gargantia" Original Character Illustration Contest Winners Announced

12 winning characters will make a cameo in the last episode

Pixiv and Production I.G. hosted an illustration contest for original characters for  Gargantia on the verdurous planet and multiple winners were announced on the official site. There are a total of 12 characters selected and they will make some kind of cameo appearance in the last episode.


by Konatsu (Aki)


by rakkou



by sorato



by Shouo



by Ryuzaki Ichi



by Ahiru xx



by Sai



by Sakurage



by Hashima



by Perosu



by nik




by Michu


The entries were collected on Pixiv from April 26 to May 12. To see all the entries, click here. 12 winning characters will be refined for cameo appearances in the last episode.


UPDATE: 0res found them all and posted an album. Thanks for the share!

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