Crunchyroll Adds "Dog & Scissors" Anime to Streaming Lineup

Starts July 1, at 12:30p.m. Pacific Time

Another day brings a new round of summer anime announcements at Crunchyroll, and the first of the lot is the mystery comedy series Dog & Scissors which is set to broadcast every Monday starting on July 1, at 12:30p.m. Pacific Time for its premium members, with free members able to watch one week later.


The series page will be up soon at



Background and story info


Based on the light novel published in Japan as Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyo, Dog & Scissors is a mystery comedy series that centers around a book-loving high school boy named Kazuhito Harumi who is killed in the middle of a robbery, but is then resurrected again in the form of a dachshund dog. In his new form, he is adopted by a sadistic, scissors-wielding novelist, Kirihime Natsuno.


The cast includes prolific voice actor Takahiro Sakurai, Code Geass’ Suzaku Kururugi and Bleach’s Kira Izuru, among many others, as the main character Kazuhito, and equally prolific voice actress Marina Inoue, known for roles such as Yoko in Gurren Lagann and Armin Arlelt in this season’s Attack on Titan, as Kirihime. Production comes from Gonzo, known for hit titles such as LAST EXILE and Gankutsuou, with direction by Yukio Takahashi and writing by Toshizo Nemoto.


Dog & Scissors will be available to Crunchyroll’s audience in the following territories: North America, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Turkey, Central America, and South America.



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