VIDEO: KOTOKO & Hiromi Sato Sing "Please!" Series 10th Anniversary Songs

The two singers who performed the OP theme for "Please Twins!" in 2003

Japanese record company Lantis posted a song video for "Kaiki Sinsei -recurrent nova-" and "Natsukaze Nostalgia" on its official YouTube channel today. Both are the 10th anniversary songs for the "Onegai!/Please!" anime series performed by KOTOKO and Hiromi Sato. The two sang "Second Flight," the OP theme for Please Twins! 10 years ago. The video includes short comments by KOTOKO, Sato, and Kazuya Takase who composed "Second Flight" and "Kaiki Sinsei" in the beginning. The CD single is scheduled to be released in Japan on August 7.


The 1st anime series Please Teacher! was aired for 13 episodes on the WOWOW satellite television network in Japan from January 10 to March 28, 2002. And its 12-episodes spin-off anime sequel Please Twins! was broadcasted on the same station from July 15 to October 14 in 2003. The stories of both anime series were set around the same place, Lake Kizaki, which was located in Nagano Prefecture.



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