Japanese Stamp Maker Announces Limited "Uta No Prince Sama" Stamp Line

Japanese stamp maker will make them available for a year or till they run out of material

Itaindo, the Japanese stamp maker who previously collaborated with Puella Magi Madoka Magica, announced that their next collaboration is with the idols from Uta No Prince Sama. The special stamps are made of Japanese box tree, the proper material used for regular stamps and only available until the material for this project runs out or the limited time for the promotion is expired, whichever comes first.






Ittoki Otoya



Hijirikawa Masato




Shinomiya Natsuki




Ichinose Tokiya




Jinguji Ren




Kurusu Sho




Aijima Cecil




All stamps will have the official license mark on the shaft.



The round stamps are 3600 yen each, and square ones are 3980 yen each. Itaindo stamps can be used as an official seal at most places in Japan includng banks if it contains the real name of the stamp holder. You can customize the lettering by choosing from 4 different fonts available, as well as deciding what the stamp says. For example, you can have your name on it to use it as an official stamp, or have a Masato stamp to say "Kokoro No Dam", if you choose. Also, and important thing to remember is that you will need a stamp for marrige in Japan, should you decide to take the plunge while in the country.




The Uta Pri licensed stamps are on sale from June 30th for a year and can be purchased on Itaindo's special site. Unfortunately no international shipping is available at this time. And too bad for his fans, but Shining Saotome stamps are not available at this time either.



Source: Ascii

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