"Madoka Magica" Figures Perch on Rim of Drinking Glass

Plus a small, but eye catching preview of tickets and clearfile for the third movie

Last year, comedy manga artist Katsuki Tanaka designs the Cup no Fuchiko capsule toy, a series of mini figures of a girl in a blue and white uniform that sits on the edge of drinking glasses in six different poses. They've become something on a phenomenon, selling over a million figures, with folks like Ah! My Goddess author Kōsuke Fujishima also tweeting photos of them.


Now, the girls of Madoka Magica are set to feature as glass-sitters.


The Machine Gun has a look at the prototypes, along with wholesale packaging.


Some fan extrapolations..




Cup no Fuchiko...


Speaking of Madoka, tickets for the third movie go on sale July 6th, and there's a small, but eye catching preview of the ticket and promo clear file




via seiyufan


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