VIDEO: "Yozakura Quartet" OAD Blu-ray Preview

TV reboot planned for fall

With a reboot of Yozakura Quartet set for October, a Blu-ray collection of the "Hoshi no Umi" OAD is now set to be released in Japan July 26th.



Ryo-timo, director of this OAD, will be back to helm the fall's adaptation of Durarara!! illustrator Suzuhito Yasuda's manga about super-strong Hime Yarizakura, who serves as the mayor, who, with the help of her young, super powered friends in the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office, solve problems in their yokai filled city.

Returning cast includes:

Hime Yarizakura - Misato Fukuen
Akina Hiizumi - Yuuki Kaji
Ao Nanami - Saki Fujita
Kotoha Isone - Miyuki Sawashiro
Kyosuke Kishi - Daisuke Ono
Toka Kishi - Haruka Tomatsu



via NicoTubeAnime


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