Mitsuru Adachi Draws a Poster for High School Baseball Championship News TV Program

The creator of popular baseball manga Touch, H2, Cross Game

62-year-old Japanese manga artist Mitsuru Adachi is most famous for his high school baseball-themed manga such as Nine (1978-1980), Touch (1981-1986), H2 (1992-1999), Cross Game (2005-2010), and the ongoing series MIX (2012-), the sequel to Touch. Recently he drew a black-and-white illustration for a popular TV news program Nettoh Koshien which is specialized in a digest of the games of the summer National High School Baseball Championship. This is the first time for him to draw an illustration for a TV program, except the anime series which were based on his manga. The illustration features a high school baseball player and a girl who is supporting him. The illustration will be decorated with the photos provided by the viewers and featured as a promotional poster in the TV program.


The new illustration by Adachi


"Nine" vol.1 cover

"Touch" vol.1 cover (paperback edition) 


"H2" vol.1 cover (paperback edition)


"Cross Game" vol.1 cover


"MIX" vol.1 cover


Source: Comic Natalie


© Mitsuru Adachi/Shogakukan

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