Armor Girls Project Continues "Infinite Stratos" Figures with Rafale Revive Custom II x Charlotte Dunois

Plus a look at the new cover for reprint of fifth light novel

Following a Shenlong x Huang Lingyin, Schwarzer Regen x Laura Bodewig and Blue Tears x Cecilia Alcott, Bandai is continuing their bishoujo mecha Armor Girls take on Infinite Stratos with Custom II x Charlotte Dunois. The 20cm figure arrives in October for 7750yen.


The set features:

-Main Charlotte Dunois figure
-Gray scale
-Blood slicer
-Vent (assault rifle)
-Garum (assault cannon)
-Rain of Saturday (shot gun)
-Charlotte Dunois optional expression pars x 2 types
-Rafale Revive optional hand parts x 4 types
-Charlotte Dunois optional hand parts x 3 types
-Stand set





The light novel series' new publisher, Overlap, has recently revealed their cover for the reprint of volume 5.


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