VIDEO: "YuruYuri" Anime Cast's "My Little Pony" Theme Song Music Video

Plus a look at 'Yuruyuri" theme karaoke

Nanamori Middle School Amusement Club, also known as YuruYuri voice actresses Shiori Mikami, Yuka Ōtsubo, Minami Tsuda and Rumi Ookubo, will be singing the second opening theme for the Japanese broadcast of Friendship is Magic. The "Great Big Magical Adventure!" will be featured in a "Nanamori Amusement Club in My Little Pony?" single, set to be released July 31st.

Check out the music video...


Speaking of YuruYuri and music, Karaoke no Tetsujin in running a promotion this summer with themed rooms, goods and menus at its Ikebukuro and Nakano locations...

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