VIDEO: Fantasy Tokusatsu Heroine Series “Innocent Lilies” to be Simulcasted Worldwide

Written by Reiko Yoshida (K-ON!, GIRLS und PANZER)

It was officially announced at Japan Expo in Paris on July 4 that Toei and TV Asahi are now teaming up for a new tokusatsu action-fantasy series Shiromajo Gakuen/Innocent Lilies featuring an idol group The 10-episode series will be simulcasted to the world via viki and its compilation film will be released in Japan on September 21.


1st trailer



The description on the official site

TV Asahi x TOEI, the team who brought live-action movie series such as the “KAMEN RIDER” and “Power Rangers” to a big success, took on the challenge of making a long-awaited “Action-Fantasy Heroine Movie”, “Innocent Lilies”.

The scriptwriter to come up with a unique “girls witchery” story that has never been told before is Reiko Yoshida, known for blockbusters such as “K-ON!!” and “GIRLS und PANZER”. The director is a live-action fans’ favorite, Koichi Sakamoto, whose hard-core entertainment films are filled with breathtaking action scenes. The two creators known for their portrayal of the most enticing “heroines” in their own genres, anime and live-action, to work together on a project in itself is an exciting news in its own right!

Moreover, the main casts will be played by the six members of “”, a unique “geek-idol” group with the biggest potential of becoming the next hit sensation. The characters of the girls suffering from broken hearts in the story have poignant connection to their own past in real lives. “Innocent Lilies” is a miraculous story, made possible only with this perfect casting!

The story has abundant action scenes as well as variety of “moe” scenes for additional excitements. The meticulously, constructed perspective of the world brings about a “reality within unreality”. When the girls of “Innocent Lilies” succeed in changing the world, the genre of “action-fantasy heroine movie” also takes its first step into a new generation of films!!

Director: Koichi Sakamoto

Scriptwriter: Reiko Yoshida


Music: Yasuhiro Misawa

Theme Song:

Production Company: TOEI TV Production

Produced by TV Asahi / TOEI


via: Animate TV

© 2013 Shiromajo Gakuen Seitokai

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