VIDEO: Studio 4°C and Toyota's PES Project Posted a New PV "Koshin"

Premiered at Japan Expo in Paris on Friday

The official YouTube channel for Studio 4°C and Toyota's anime collaboration PES (Peace Eco Smile) posted a music video for "Koshin" (communication) created by Tatsuyuki Tanaka today. The video is one of the three clips for its new project "Next Generation PES (Peace Eco Smile) Cross Collaboration," which were premiered at the 14th Japan Expo in Paris on July 5. Tanaka has worked on many anime works including AKIRA (1988) and Bubblegum Crisis (1989) as a key animator and has directed various TV CMs. The song for the "Koshin" clip is performed by a Japanese girls band Akai Koen.


The other two clips screened at Japan Expo were "LONELY FLOWER" by Toshiyuki Kubooka who was best known as the director of the three Berserk Golden Age Arc anime films in 2011-2012, and "FORTUNE FUTURE!," a promotional video for voice actress idol unit petit milady formed by Aoi Yuki

and Ayana Taketatsu.


The episodes of the first PES project are also available at Crunchyroll.


PES (Peace Eco Smile) music video "Koshin"


"Koshin" original promotional video by Akai Koen


Source: Inside

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